Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Madden Curse strikes again. Vince Young and what will happen to Brett?

The first thing that came to mind when Vince Young's mother told the media that Vince is hurting "inside and out" was this: We expected something crazy to happen. But, is VY taking the Madden Curse to an entirely new level? As you can see and have heard he clearly enjoys himself off the field.

(For those of you who don't know about the madden curse, take a quick look here)

No, he hasn't pulled a Mike Vick (2004 cover athlete) on us or even been injured until this past weekend. However, he did throw 9 TD's and 17 INT's and loose a fumble during his cover athlete campaign and amassed a QB rating of 66.7 which was good for 30th out of 31 qualified passers. He was starting this season off in similar fashion with his 1 TD and 2 INT performance (45.6 QB rating) last Sunday against Jacksonville.

But now, sources are saying Vince is questioning whether or not he really wants to play football anymore and some of the problems come from the negativity of fans booing. Vince, when you suck, you will be booed. That's how this thing works.

Past coaches have said Vince takes things way too hard and takes them personally. This past week he has had counselors, police, coaches, and his mother all after him, sparked when he went missing. If Vince is suffering from depression as many people have suggested I won't even pretend to know what that must feel like or what he is going through.

Anyway, this year's cover athlete is Brett Favre who was selected after his retirement from Green Bay. Some suggest this was EA Sport's way of breaking the curse. Since Brett has decided to jump back on the Football pony and ride another day one can't help but wonder what is in store for Brett, ecspecially after VY took the Madden Curse to a new level. If anything, I'm hoping for a statistically bad season rather then an injury plagued season from NFL's iron man. But, what else could happen? Let's take a look into the crystal ball, shall we?

Here's my top 5 things that I anticipate could go wrong for B Favre this year:

5. All of Brett's endorsement deals get ripped up when Brett let's his redneck side get the best of locker room and back into retirement.

He will be dropped by all his (and real, surprisingly) endorsers - Mastercard, Nike, Wrangler Jeans, Got Milk, Prilosec, and Sensodyne. Yeah, I had to look those up too. And it's impossible to make that up.

4. Injury - Brett gets coldcocked by Bill Romanowski with his helmet (like he did while in Oakland) after the New England Patriots sign him to a 3 day deal. Day 1, he runs on the treadmill. Day 2, he meets with Tonya Harding. Day 3, Thursday November 13th, he lines up as cornerback and wacks brett while he carries out a playaction fake.

3. Statistical Nightmare - Brett puts up the same career numbers during the 08/9 season that Vince has amassed during his 3 year career: 22 TD's, 31 INT's, and a 68.3 passer rating. Yikes.

2. Laveranues Coles goes Steve Smith on Brett but unlike Smith's target, Ken Hamlin (who after Smith's practice meltdown nearly missed week 1 because of a jacked up face), Brett misses the rest of the season only to watch the Packers and Jets play in the Superbowl. In order to get to the SB, the Jets, of course, trade for Chad Pennington after Brett is injured who goes on to complete 95% of his passes, throws 75 TD's, 2 INT's, and is named league MVP, Superbowl MVP, and will eventually have Brett run out of NY.

1. Similar to Ken Griffy Junior, Brett injures his man-hood after scratching too hard during a charity golf event during one of his days off only to watch Kellen Clemens (why is this guy still in the league????) put up even bigger VY type stats and lead the Jets to a loss against the Dolphins. The Jets will subsequently miss the playoffs by one game.

With that said, what do you think will happen with Brett and the Madden Curse this year?


KneeJerkNBA said...

Favre will die in a horrible wifeswapping incident. Or he'll just suck and retire again.

KneeJerkNBA said...

New posts, please. Don't quit on me.

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