Friday, August 29, 2008

Chad Johnson; the receiver formally known as

Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals (last time I checked) has legally changed his name to "Chad Ocho Cinco." I don't even know what to say about this. Has his act become tired or has he taken this to a completely different level? Last season you might remember Chad showing up to a game with "Ocho Cinco" pasted over "Johnson" on the back of his jersey before Carson Palmer took it off. By the way, Chad was subsequently fined by the NFL. Now what is Goodell to do? Obviously he can't stop chad now, can he?

I got to thinking about Chad's celebrations and made for TV attitudes and have compiled a fav five list of Chad JOHNSON's moments in an attempt at a a proper farewell to "Mr. Johnson." Trust me, this list was impossible to narrow down to 5. What are some of your fav's?

5 - ESPN Commercial - "Boo No"

4 - The sensitive side

3 - Riverdance

2 - C Johnson VS A Horse. Bring on Floyd Mayweather, Kobe, and LeBron

1 - Johnson VS Palmer VS..... Michael Phelps??? VS Wilbon VS TK? Geez!!!

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